Discuss aircraft gas turbine blade.

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses aircraft gas turbine blade. After turning the gas stream in preparation for mixing with fuel, the gas turbine blade also propels and accelerates the gas into the fuel mixing phase of the engine. It is important to highlight the functions of the gas turbine blades in the jet engine with the specialized nature of the engine coming into focus. The turning of the air or gas needed in the combustion chamber must be ensured in order to facilitate compression of the air entering into the engine for mixture with the fuel. This set of blades in the series of turbine blades are referred to as compressor blades.

The gas turbine blades rotate with a high speed of spinning in order to carry out the above-mentioned functions. The air entering the engine from the atmosphere through the sucking force created by the turbine is spun and compressed for mixing with the fuel. In the combustion chamber, the exhaust gas obtained is passed on to the turbine section of the engine and expelled on the turbine blades through a nozzle system. The turbine is powered by the energy obtained from temperature and pressure changes that the end products of combustion experience in form of exhaust gases. Propulsion from the engine is therefore in form of shaft power thrust force as well as compressed air.

Compressor blades are aligned at the entrance of the engine and they also facilitate the sucking in of air. The positioning of the compressor turbine blades at the entrance of the engine with regard to the flow of materials is important since it enables sucking in of air from the atmosphere without difficulties (O’Donoghue, 1). The other set of turbine blades is the inner blades that facilitate a mixture of fuel with gas. The motion of the blades facilitates an even mixture of fuel and gas in order to supply the combustion process with the appropriate raw materials. A different type of such inner blades is also present in the combustion chamber which is turned due to the combustion process. Stator and rotor blades play different roles in the gas turbine.

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