Discipline Without Anger: A New Style of Classroom Management.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Discipline Without Anger: A New Style of Classroom Management. Classroom management is considered a process because it requires the teacher to perform particular actions and techniques to create an environment that supports and facilitates social-emotional learning. Despite the recognizable importance of classroom management, some teachers do make common mistakes that halter the process of classroom management.

The first step in classroom management constitutes ensuring that the teacher has full attention before the commencement of the lesson. The teacher should not attempt to teach over a group of students who are not focusing their attention on the teacher. Beginning the lesson without students’ attention is detrimental because they may think that the teacher wants to compete with them, or is willing to complete the lesson in the existing status of disorganization (Yisrael, 2010). This will create an idea that the teacher can teach even with their inattention, and that it is permissible to continue talking while the teacher is presenting the lesson. The technique focusing implies that the teacher will demand the attention of students before beginning the lesson. The cure to students’ inattention is speaking with lower than normal voices because this will make them keen because they want to hear.

Uncertainty is the primary cause of excitement in the classroom. Excitement causes students to begin misbehaving since they are not sure what is in store for them. Direct instruction is the best cure for classroom uncertainty. This technique involves the teacher telling the students the classroom activities prior to lesson commencement. The teacher sets limits for tasks by outlining the role of both the teacher and students in the classroom. An effective way for direct instruction involves including time at the end of the lesson for students to do activities of their choice (Campbell, 2012).&nbsp.

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