Digital vs Traditional Media.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Digital vs Traditional Media. Digital media sends a message to a single person or to a group of people using an online type of system, for example, e-mails and other social media. The difference here is the number of people getting the message (Nightingale 2007).

Digital media is replacing traditional media at a fast rate since it connects people throughout the world making the world a global village. The internet has made it simple for two people halfway around the world to communicate face to face with the introduction of video calls and text chatting. One is able to stream live videos and send them with a click of a button. Digital media has become the core of information transformation throughout the world. More people especially the youth spend most of their time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and so many others.

Online games have become the order of young children. This has led to community social break drown as people are more engaged to the internet than they do in real social life. People can do virtually everything on the internet. For example, they can shop, talk to relatives abroad, research on different topics, and even date. Different government institutions have turned digital media for their day to day running. To understand exactly how these two media have their differences and how they can work hand in hand for better yields, a look at the marketing sector using these two types of media is necessary (Kawamoto 2003).

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Since 2011 more and more companies have used digital media to advertise their goods as compared to other traditional media other than television. Marketers are increasingly digitalizing their way of marketing and more money is being spent each day to make this a reality. Marketers have had a task to determine what proportion of advertising is to be allocated to digital media as to other traditional media like televisions and newspapers. Research has shown that in America, companies using 20% of their advertising budget on online videos, its campaign rises by 5% unlike when using 100% of the budget on traditional media like television (Olsson 2009).

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