Description of Chinese Culture.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Description of Chinese Culture. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The Taoist principles of Yin and Yan (emphasizing the harmony between seemingly opposing natural forces), Confucianism (which sets the ethical guideline of gaining merit through hard work, temperance, and respect), and Buddhism (which explored the painful and ephemeral nature of existence). All these strands, combined with the obedience to the central government demanded by the pseudo-Marxist state, combine to make up the current social and cultural ethos of hard work, ancestral pride, respect, and fear that defines the Chinese people. (11)

Cultures are shaped over centuries by religious, social, historical, political, philosophical and environmental factors. Chinese culture is molded by its centuries-old history of war and peace. The resilience and hard work of Chinese people have made China one of the biggest economies of the world.

They have inherited a rich culture that governs their personal and collective lives. The roles of individuals as men, women, children, and elders are defined vividly in the spheres of work and home. Chinese culture is brimming over with life- owing to its rhythm and consistency, and thus it is assimilated in the everyday lives of its people.

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The society of China is highly gendered but the cultural set up of 21st century China is a big leap from such times when girls had to suffer from the custom of foot binding. “Foot-binding speaks multiple languages. It murmurs about seduction, eroticism, virtue, discipline, and sacrifice. It also teaches little girls about pain, about coming of age, about her place in this world, about her permanent bonding with her mother and female ancestors.”(Wang, 19)

Women have been assigned domesticated roles in Chinese culture. They have to live in the patriarchal system and follow the footsteps of their mothers and female ancestors regarding their private or family affairs. Decisions like marriage are also taken on their behalf by their parents.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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