In relation to the company you will be analyzing for your Employer SWOT assignments, identify an opportunity to draft as a business case. Reference the Business Case development model reviewed in class for completion of this
assignment. Please review the rubric below for guidelines for the assignment.
The following are intended to also provide guidance with this assignment. Class time will be spent prior to the due date to review foundational
material to complete this assignment.

Define Opportunity – Specifically describe the initiative the business case is proposing. Remember to approach this as if presented to a “gatekeeper” for approval. Be sure to identify benefits of the undertaking. You may want to
address costs in this section.

Define Alternatives – Provide a discussion of other options or “opportunity costs” to the proposed opportunity. Remember that you are still advocating action for the proposed opportunity. There is value in comparison of alternatives to that opportunity.

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Define Risks – What are the downsides? This may include if the initiative isn’t successful. It could also provide discussion around not choosing one of the other identified alternatives.

Define Success/Metrics/Timeline – After implementation, how would you define success? What does success look like? Are there any metrics that could be provided? What is the timeline? (Remember—a business cannot be
successful if benefits are realized too late.)

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