Cross-Cultural Differences in Attitudes.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Cross-Cultural Differences in Attitudes. In regions with diverse cultures, the workplace can comprise of people from different origins, countries, cultures, and backgrounds. It is important that companies, organizations, service providers consider methods and strategies to attract and retain their employees that come from different cultural backgrounds. In specific, analysis of the literature has indicated that the services industry in London is highly influenced by the cross-cultural differences as they provide ‘experiences’ through their employees. The increasing cultural diversity and the cross-cultural differences in the workforce require the businesses to be able to operate across cultures in order to be successful. This is even more important when it comes to the services industry. For the companies to operate in an international environment, it is very important that they adopt a cross-cultural approach for the performance management of the employees (Perkins & Shortland, pp 60-66, 2006). Especially in a diverse city like London, international business models should be followed. With the growth of cultural diversity amongst the employees of the beauty services providers in London, the leadership and management strategies are also required to be modified.

The beauty industry in London that emerged in the nineteenth century has now grown from small local enterprises to global brands. There are salon chains, spa chains, beauty clinics, and arrays of parlors operating across the world now. In many places, cross-cultural diversity can be seen in this industry as well. With the globalization of the beauty industry in an effort to relate to the international environment, employers are generally coming from different cultural backgrounds. The companies, therefore, need to use different strategies to&nbsp.manage the employers, due to differences in their attitudes towards motivation and performance awards, across cultures (Jones, pp 5-8, 2006).

In the beauty services industry of London, the skills and attitudes of the employee are very important as the services involve many “moments of truth” (Carlzon, 1987) and are highly personalized ones.

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