critique of children of dust by ali eteraz.

Write a 5 pages paper on critique of children of dust by ali eteraz. Notably, Eteraz gives a vivid description of his life experiences which serve to be very compelling to any reader. His work has been rated as an outstanding text read by many people with an interest of gaining insight into aspects of the Islamic faith. Moreover, many readers have acknowledged that the book focuses more on his life experiences while delivering such an aspect of the Muslim religion. The book is divided into five sections with each section having a specific focus on a part of the life of the author (Eteraz, 2011). This paper will review the book highlighting the main ideas that the author reveals. Moreover, the paper will consider how the book relates to life and the society.

The first section of the book highlights the life of a young in a rural part of Pakistan which is a Muslim society. In this section of the book, the boy is named Abirul Islam, which is a metaphor for the “perfume of Islam.” This name, as the author reveals is a reflection of a covenant that the boy’s parents made with Allah. Evidently, they had promised Allah that the boy would serve him and would participate in the spreading of Islam in his entire life. This covenant made between Allah and his parents introduces an obligation that the boy had from his earlier days. His parents and extended family made concerted efforts to ensure that he was familiar with the Islamic faith (p. 72).

Therefore, he attended Madrassa in his rural village as an introduction to the Muslim faith. In section one of the book, the author offers a detailed description of the early days in Pakistan, describing the societal setup the relationship with the extended family as well as the stringency of the Muslim faith. The author peers into the deep aspects that define the Muslim faith. Therefore, the readers of the book become familiar with the defining aspects of a Muslim society, its beliefs and other aspects that bring them together (p. 100).

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In the second section of the book, the author reveals how the boy’s experiences change when his family moved to America. There is an existing contrast between life in Pakistan and that in Alabama, America where the family settles down.&nbsp.

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