Crisis Intervention Using ABC Model

The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. John works odd hours at the fire department which leaves him little time for socializing with his family. At times he does not return home at all. His children are of the views that they do not “really know” their father anymore. Donna on the other hand does mind because she has adjusted to Johns “routine”. She is highly dedicated to her job, household responsibilities and the care of their children. John loves his family, and feels that he needs to do more to provide for them. In the past five years he has been feeling more of the stress due to peer and social pressure. To de-stress himself, John has been taking marijuana “joints” with the “boys” at work. This habit had started as a recreational activity, while waiting for a fire to happen, but in the past 3 years its regularity has increased manifolds, to the extent of eating up his finances, and deteriorating his relationship with his family.

When asked, John traced his problem from the time when he started missing out on his family get-togethers. His wife complained that John was no longer interested in spending value time with the family or relatives, an essential factor in Hispanic families. This started when John got promoted to supervisor at the fire department. The promotion was a situational stressor disguised as an opportunity for John and his family. John was happy with the promotion, because of the salary raise and respect attached with the position. However, John started to miss out on family gatherings to the extent of even missing out on his own family’s special occasions such as his sons baseball final games, parent-teacher meetings and birthdays of his children. For the family, these occasions have become a family crisis because in their culture, it was highly important to value family and relations.&nbsp.John was of the view that he was disinclined to participate in these events because of time constraints and pressure at work. He also had “no choice” but to remain at work to show to superiors that he deserved the title.

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