creating a thesis and an outline on Gender Difference in Certain Aspects of Cultural Assimilation.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Gender Difference in Certain Aspects of Cultural Assimilation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Currently, Hispanic Americans have been the largest minority group in the U.S since 2003. The growth of Hispanic Americans is expected to increase in the future mainly because of their community’s tendency towards bigger families and the continued immigration of Hispanics into the country. The assimilation of Hispanics into the American culture has been going on for several generations as seen from the fact that approximately 62% of Latinos living in the U.S are citizens by birth having lived in the country for generations. These individuals do not have any strong ties to another country other than the U.S.&nbsp. This coupled with other causes of assimilation such as marriage, naming, education attainment, homeownership, income, acquisition of the English language, political engagement, among others. With the presence of newcomers, there must be the presence of communication between local and foreign cultures and one channel of communication is the so-called cultural assimilation. While some would argue that cultural assimilation is a destined result and everyone experiencing cultural assimilation will finally be assimilated into the new culture, in a similar approach, I claim that cultural assimilation is not a definite process and people with distinct gender will respond to such cultural assimilation in a different way. As the subject of the study, Hispanic American’s population is now about to take up one quarter of the total population in the U.S and the study of cultural assimilation process of Hispanic American people is meaningful in that it enables new immigrants to be capable of anticipating what their future life would be like and it also ensures people outside the culture background become familiar with the new culture. In the research paper, I will explore the gender difference on certain aspects during the process of cultural assimilation such as assimilation choices, change of inclination toward a certain behavior, as well as the formation of ethnic enclaves.

First of all, as mentioned by Emily Greenman in his article “Assimilation choices among Immigrants families: Does School Context Matter”, Greenman claims that when facing cultural assimilation, people often have a choice to decide whether to or not to assimilate or partially assimilate. The decision of choice is dependent on the social context where the immigrants are living in. To illustrate, a better social context indicates a higher possibility of assimilation since in a better social context, it’s easier for immigrants to find resources that are helpful for their economic and educational development thus making them open to the new culture. For example, immigrant parents would send their children to a local school if that school is of good reputation and quality. However, if they don’t have the ability to send their children to a qualified school, they would then focus more on home education which is a sign of insufficient assimilation. Indeed, Hispanic American children have comparatively more obstacles when trying to receive education than Anglo American as bolstered by viewpoints given by Garcia Eugene E and Baruth Leroy G. They both claim that Hispanic American children often face the problem of non-bilingual teaching as well as cultural discrepancy between home and school which impede them from understanding the concepts and norms involved in the new culture. Hence, people select their way of assimilation as they seek better living condition in the new environment.

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