creating a thesis and an outline on Android Software

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Android Software. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Almost half of the world’s population uses a mobile or cellular phone nowadays. From a grade school pupil to a college student, from a worker to an executive, everybody uses mobile as they go through their daily lives. The primary usage of mobile phones is to call another mobile or landline and to send Short Message Service or SMS.

The first mobile network was used for military purposes during the 1940’s. Motorola was the first company who presented the prototype of the world’s first ever mobile phone in 1973. This was commercially introduced in 1983 and cost $3995. The first mobile with a PDA feature was introduced by Bell South/IBM in 1993. Besides the basic phone features, this mobile has pager features as well. It also has a calculator, calendar, fax and e-mail capabilities. As the year’s pass, technologies also have made its advancements. From the first mobile that was originally a foot long, the mobiles that are widely being sold and used lately are barely 15cm in length and weigh less than half a pound (Speckmann, 2008).

It is not just the physical features of mobile phones that changed through the years, but also the functions and features. From the original usage, now it has broadened its use and capabilities. Mobiles with the Symbian operating system or Windows operating system just to name a few were introduced. As these new operating systems were launched, applications that are compatible with each operating system (OS) are developed also. As Andy Rubin stated in an interview back in 2008 “there should be nothing that users can access on their desktop that they cannot access on their cell phone” (Waters, 2008).

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As technology makes its way into our daily lives, mobile phones and tablet PC’s are becoming one of the necessities of our daily lives.

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