creating a thesis and an outline on Analysis of Methamphetamine Epidemic

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Analysis of Methamphetamine Epidemic. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is evident from the documentary that the effects of methamphetamines are deep and heart-breaking. They destroy families and reduce individuals to meth-chasers. Even the biology of the drug’s functioning is particularly disturbing. its ability to destroy brain cells makes everything else in the user’s life seem meaningless. Meth eventually becomes the only thing that can elevate a user’s mood, so it becomes their sole preoccupation. Clearly, some strategies are imperative in dealing with it.

Four key points emerge from the interviewees, correspondents, and narrators in the documentary. First, authorities have the option of interrupting the supply chain for the production of the key ingredients. The documentary identifies ephedrine and its closely-related, methyl-based alternative called pseudoephedrine as the primary ingredients needed for the manufacture of methamphetamines. Gene Haislip, a former DEA leader, states that since the key ingredients do not grow naturally like the coca plant, it is relatively easy to track its manufacturers anywhere around the world. Therefore, once those individuals are found, the DEA can get them to stop supplying the ingredients to meth companies or cooks. Working with companies like Krebs, which is Indian-based, played a significant role in cutting off the Mexican supply of ephedrine. This eventually undermined their options and reduced meth availability in the United States.

The second point emerging from the documentary is the use of retail-level strategies to curb the practice. It is also possible for legislators to pass laws requiring the registration of all purchases of over-the-counter cold medicines containing meth key ingredients. Additionally, legislators may also require individuals to minimize the number of drugs sold to consumers by placing a cap of three boxes.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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