Course Development in Education.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Course Development in Education. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The goal is to identify and develop the intellectual needs of the learner to help development in particular areas of specialization and interest of the learners. The fourth goal of this course is to conduct training and allow learners to conduct research in the field of Education and other areas of specialization. The course will help students customize the learning experiences to meet the goals and objectives in life. The course will also help develop personal learning styles for the learners.

Learners targeted are persons already in employment who are unable to engage in a traditional classroom situation. Most of the learners will be adult learners of varied technological skills. Some of them are digital natives while others are not. The most common challenge faced is usually time allocation for coursework and assignments. This is due to already existing roles as parents, spouses and community members (Martin, 2009). The textbooks given for course coverage may also be too bulky and complicated for some learners’ understanding. Being able to use the technology involved in the course efficiently is the second challenge cited. Encompassed in this challenge is also the issue of slow internet connections. The digital divide. initially connoted as the difference between those learners who have not, and are conversant with internet use and the information technologies currently transforming education.

One of the unique needs of adult learners is that they require learning programs and courses that are aligned with their life and work goals. Therefore, the learning outcomes and objectives of adult learning courses must help these learners advance their careers as well as their lives. The other need of adult learners that will be incorporated in this course is receiving feedback from instructors. Adult learners want formal feedback&nbsp.from their instructors regarding their performance in the course. Because most of the adult learners have not been in class for some time, most of them are not confident enough with their capabilities.

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