Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurism

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Social entrepreneurism is defined as the ability to reinvent the solution to an existing social problem. Operating a social organization cannot be called social entrepreneurism simply because it is necessary for the solution to a social problem to be reinvented and not merely modified as entrepreneurship is the ability to discover a new way of solving an old problem. Moreover, in private organizations, entrepreneurs are focused on the solution to the problem but want to also provide monetary benefits to the stakeholders involved in their invention which differs from social entrepreneurs who only invent new processes for the social benefit which is more suited to that of non-profit organizations.

One of the ways to bridge the gap between the non – profit organizations and private sector businesses is to develop corporate social responsibility in private sector organizations which will bring the private organizations towards the social welfare of the community and so they will be more connected with the non=profit organizations.

In order to pursue an innovative idea forward, one needs to counter the purpose of the initiative and to develop a model which takes that idea from abstraction towards a more logical and rational direction. Strategic planning is to give that same direction to an organization or an entrepreneur, along with helping to clear up the vision and answer the basic type of questions such as what has to be done, for whom and how to excel in it. Strategic planning is directly related to social entrepreneurship, as a pioneering scheme is incapable of achieving its expected benefits without having a clear direction which can only be achieved through strategic planning.

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Strategic planning can tend to ignore innovation as it tends to follow the rational thinking.&nbsp.

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