Computer Literacy: Short Hand Graphic Design.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Computer Literacy: Short Hand Graphic Design. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. To reduce the effects of unforeseen perils on our cash flow, we shall undertake professional indemnity and employer’s liability insurance cover. The cover will give us the confidence to conduct our business with less fear of financial incapacitation. Furthermore, the business will be hosted on the website so as to match our operations with other bigger corporations.

Short Hand Graphic Design has been established to offer graphic design services in the United Kingdom. The business was registered as a company on March 18, this year according to the provision in the Company Act of the United Kingdom. The company’s shares are privately owned by x and y at the ration of 1:1. Our conventional business model is based on the achievement of graphic design applications in the advertisement. Based on the company’s verdict to expand our services. we have currently established ourselves so as to realize an expected revenue of nearly US$100,000 per month.

Core values We suppose in treating our clients with esteem and faith. We grow up through invention, creativity, and innovation. We assimilate integrity, honesty, and business ethics into all our functioning.

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Financial Considerations The Corporation expects to attain the preferred profits in the first year and does not predict grim cash flow problems. We trust that the standard profitability monthly for the first three (3) years will be satisfactory. However, we require US$2 million to be able to finance our operations. We shall undertake a bank loan of the said amount to be paid off in three years. Most of the organization’s liabilities come from administration investment.

The business case recommends buying two different types of high- speed computers and five A3 color printers. Purchasing of these machines will increase the efficiency with which we shall be conducting our business.

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