Comparison of Self-Reported and Audio-metrically Measured Hearing Loss.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Comparison of Self-Reported and Audio-metrically Measured Hearing Loss. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This research article is written and compiled by well-known researchers including Kirk who is an associate professor at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research. Similarly, McGuire is also a known chief investigator, she has great experience and expertise in leading research projects particularly in psychological related researches. Treloar is also an associate professor and she is an expert in genetic epidemiology and mental health issues. Whereas Neveld is a lieutenant colonel, but he has also worked as a reliable researcher to explore out different health issues faced by the Australian Defense Force. Here, from the publisher, the Queensland Centre for Military and Veterans health Mayne School to list of authors who have contributed to the research, write and compile this study, it can be understood that the information quoted in this study would be authentic and credible.

It should be noted that this research article is about heard loss problems among military men but after reviewing the professional careers and experiences of all authors it can be suggested that none of them is an expert ENT specialist or general physician. It can be argued that it is important to have a contribution of at least one expert of the health problem particularly addressed in the study. Likewise, I noticed in other research studies by the University of Queensland such as “Teenage Acne in Influenced by Genetic Factor”, by Evans, Kirk, Nyholt, Novac, and Martin. Among them, Nyholt is a well-known genetic epidemiologist and his opinion is worthy of analyzing genetic factors in teenage acne.

Furthermore, in this research article, the objective problem was clearly identified and stated as to explore the relationship between self-reported and audio-metrically measured hearing loss in a sample of Australian Defense Force personnel. This is the best and most concise way to state the aim and identified problems for research as also observed in other credible&nbsp.articles.&nbsp.

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