Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on comparative analysis between the government of qatar and the united states. The president (head of state) is appointed through voting. Inferior acts to the Supreme Court define the powers and duties of the government arms. The government structure is based on the idea of federalism, which holds that power must be shared. The constitution is the main source of legislation.

There is not an independent legislature in Qatar, and political parties are forbidden. The constitution adopted in 2003 provided room for the election of 30-45 members of the council (advisory). The supreme executive authority in the country is the national council consisting of cabinet ministers and prime minister, and the Emir has powers to appoint and remove them from office. This council starts legislation, which is supposed to ensure the successful realization of the goals set by any team assigned to evaluate the affairs of the country (Long, Reich, and Gasiorowski 8). The laws that they propose are passed to the advisory council, which discusses them and passes them to the Emir to be ratified. He has the final say on all issues.

The three arms of law in the American government each have their well-defined duties so that none of them is completely independent. The president vetoes legislative bills are the commander in chief of the armed forces, and are responsible for appointing cabinet members who enforce laws (Long, Reich and Gasiorowski 8). The judiciary arm appointed by the president with the senate’s approval, views laws and proposes those they find unconstitutional to be overturned. The Supreme Court has nine members who serve for life. The court system is the governments’ way of judging against civil and criminal cases.

No organizations are forging for human rights in Qatar. Decisions concerning the public are not made transparently. the income and expenditure of the state are unknown, there is no information concerning the state’s investments or transactions, the national debt size is not known or published, the people hear of the deals the government makes with other states, but they have no idea what that means and whether it would be of any benefit to them. There is no information about publicly owned assets such as land. they are passed along as gifts or tokens of appreciation.

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