Changing Mental Model and Mindsets.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Changing Mental Model and Mindsets. The mental mode chosen as part of the management team is one of an ambitious and aspiring entrepreneur who thrives on the business expansion and investment. The management does not share the same mentality as the newly acquired employees and as such, they are not interested in the status quo. They, however, understand that the workers support in any enterprise is essential. Thus, the mentality of the two most influential members of the company Bud and Vermon should be changed to this end (Von Stamm, 2008).

In 2008, Kivligham and thousands published a study that demonstrated clearly that groups that have common mental models demonstrated higher levels of success. It is essential for this reason that AAA Transport owners make all the necessary efforts to ensure that the main organization stakeholders agree with the organization’s new objectives. It is clear that the employment of those who do not comply with the new company directions should not be terminated since it will cause a disturbance among the higher workers. In addition, the termination of loyal workers like Bud and Vermon would reduce the meaning of worker occupational safety and send a very negative signal to other workers in the organization. Thus, the modification of the mental models shows that Bud and Vernon are related to the business goals and organization (Miles &Kivlighan, 2008).

The four main steps involved with the mental models change include recognizing the existing model’s limits, testing the model changes within the environment that they are implemented, finding ways of overcoming the issues that the new model presents and implementation of the new model.&nbsp.

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