carl gustav jung: life and personal experiences & significant contributions to psychology.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on carl gustav jung: life and personal experiences & significant contributions to psychology. Needs to be plagiarism free! Through his departure from the traditional psychoanalysis and the development of his very own theoretical approach, Jung has founded the sub-discipline of psychology known as analytical psychology (Bair, 2003).

However, Freud was just a slice of impacts in the development of his own theories. It is in this regard that this paper sees the need to grasp an understanding of why Carl Gustav Jung remains to be influential in psychology. In order to know and comprehend what served as other influential factors in the cultivation of his own ideas that have marked his departure from the traditional psychoanalytic views, this paper intends to investigate the life and personal experiences of Carl Gustav Jung. This paper also aims at discussing briefly the major contributions of Jung. Through this personal, intellectual, cultural, and historical investigation, this paper answers why he still is a significant character in psychology.

Born in Switzerland to a Protestant minister father and eccentric, depressed, absent from the household mother, Jung has grown as a shy, confused, frightened, isolated, and introverted child (Jung, 1989. Bair, 2003). According to Walters (2004), at the age of four years, Jung convinced himself that just like his mother he had two personalities, which he labeled as “Personality No. 1” and “Personality No. 2”. He attributed his false self, which he projected to the world, to “Personality No. 1” while a secret wise, influential, dignified and authoritative self was his “Personality No. 2” (Walters, 2004).

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Meanwhile, when he was young, Jung was also engaged in some symbolic rituals, which had offered him some sort of security and inner peace (Walters, 2004). One of these was carving into the wooden ruler’s end an approximately two-inch long mannequin, which he had colored black, placed inside his pencil case together with a stone and hidden in the attic at the top of their house (Jung, 1989). Every so often, he went to the attic to visit his little mannequin with his messages on his secret language written on a tiny piece of paper (Jung, 1989). This ceremonial act, together with the other two – the habit of lighting and watching a sacred fire and sitting on a large stone contemplating whether or not he is the one sitting on the stone – had served as an aid to his mending process (Walters, 2004).

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