Caregiver-Child Attachment and Healthy Human Development.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Caregiver-Child Attachment and Healthy Human Development. These negative influences can be physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect. But recent progress in the field of pediatric psychology has thrown light on Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy techniques, which when applied at an earlier stage, can mitigate the negative behavioral and thought patterns of the child and pave its path of recovery. Such therapeutic approaches also help the child develop a proper and healthy attachment with its caretakers.

Many studies support the thesis that the subsequent development of a child is determined by inherent infant personality as well as parental caretaking behavior. Children with traumatic past experiences including physical and emotional abuse are more vulnerable to developing abnormal psychological dispositions later on in life. Taking a child away from its biological parents and under the care of foster parents is a very delicate process. If the transition is not done consistent with up to date psychological findings in the field of child psychology, the consequences could affect the child’s ability to achieve developmental milestones. The group of psychiatric disorders that afflicts this vulnerable group is broadly classified under Reactive Attachment Disorders. Most of these disorders arise from “trauma-attachment problems” (the most severe of which is the separation of a child from its mother). In other words, “the trauma experienced is the result of abuse or neglect, inflicted by a primary caregiver and disrupts the normal development of secure attachment” (Morrison, 1997).

Let us consider some vital statistics first. Nearly two in a hundred children born in the United States are adopted by foster parents. But more importantly, approximately two-thirds of those children suffer from symptoms of attachment disorder. Usually, these symptoms manifest themselves as undue aggressive behavior leading to violence as well as emotional problems, such as “personality&nbsp.disorders, including antisocial personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and psychopathic personality disorder” (Morrison, Goodlin-Jones, et. Al.,1997).

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