c Sentiment Analysis for PTSD Signals.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Sentiment Analysis for PTSD Signals. To begin with, PTSD is an anxiety disorder that individuals get after undergoing a traumatizing event or experience in life. It is important to note that every person can be unease whenever they are in danger. The outcome of this kind of fear is transformations in the body in the event of fighting or preventing the danger from happening (Friedman et al, 2010). However, the changes that occur to the body as a result of PTSD are disastrous and may be permanent depending on the help an individual receives as well as the period taken between the onset of the disorder and finding a remedy to the problem. It is hence critical that such experiences that traumatize people are detected early enough to avoid an impending danger of permanent body change in an individual.

On the question of who is susceptible to getting the disorder, it should be noted that no one is impervious to the illness. According to Kagan, Rossini & Sapounas (2012), every individual at any age can get the trauma basing on the level of exposure to traumatizing events in their lives. Good examples of individuals most likely to get PTSD to include war veterans, victims, and survivors of physical as well as sexual assault, drug use and abuse, disasters like tsunamis or floods among a wide range of bad events that may be found in human life.

For an individual to get traumatized, symptoms must be just as fatal as the event which led to the disorder. As a result, there are so far a number of symptoms identified through research as the major indicators of PTSD. These can be grouped into:

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Re-experiencing symptoms. flashbacks (reliving the traumatic event now and then that may include physical symptoms like an increased heartbeat or sweating), nightmares, and frightening thoughts emanating from the experience (Kagan, Rossini & Sapounas, 2012). Based on these symptoms, the individual’s normal body function may be altered and this is seen from how they handle the world around them. This implies that they may have a change in their speech, reaction to objects around them as well as incidences that remind them of traumatizing past events.

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