brain development

Overview: In this assignment forum, you will be exploring different aspects of brain development and how nature and nurture influence its development. Instructions: After reading about brain development from the prenatal period through adolescence: • Choose two aspects of brain development that were of most interest to you. • Describe these aspects of brain development and explain why you found them interesting/important. For many years, scientists believed that brain development was strictly controlled by “nature” (genetics, biological development). According to the neuroconstructivist view, we now know that development of the brain is significantly influenced by nurture (experience). The ability of experience to change the structure and/or activity of the developing brain is known as “neuroplasticity.” • Give two examples of how experience can impact brain development in an adverse way. • Give two examples of how experience can impact brain development in a positive way. • How can the concept of neuroplasticity be practically applied to furthering positive brain and behavioral outcomes? Support your view with a scholarly research article that demonstrates how experience can change the brain/behavior for the better. Post the link to the article for your classmates to review. Briefly summarize the key findings of the article.

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