biological and psychological methods of stress management

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic biological and psychological methods of stress management.

Psychological stress management involves the attempt to reduce the psychological effects of stress while biological stress management involves the attempt to reduce the biological effects of stress management. Psychological researchers have found out that the psychological stress reduction methods include: relaxation, physical activity and exercise, cognitive techniques, increasing hardiness, and stress inoculation therapy. On the other hand, biological methods of stress management include the use of drug therapies.

Biological research shows that stress can be managed mainly by using drug therapy methods. Research indicates that drugs control biological effects of stress. hence they can help in stress management. Two main categories of research can be used to manage stress: Beta-Blockers (BBs) and Benzodiazepines (BZs). Beta-blockers reduce the effects of Adrenaline while Benzodiazepines causes a natural anti-anxiety substance to reduce stress.One group of the researchers who contributed to biological methods of stress management is Kahn et al (1986).

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The researchers conducted a research involving 250 patients over eight weeks. They tested the effectiveness of anxiety related to stress. The researchers grouped the people into two groups. One group of people with anxiety was given a drug while the other group was given a placebo. Placebo is a substance with no effects on the body. In the experiment, both groups of patients were given medications without knowing whether it is because of the pharmacological properties or due to psychological factors.

The research found out that Benzodiazepine is more effective in managing stress than placebo. BZ reduces the disabling effects of anxiety quickly. BZs catalyze the action of GABA, a form of natural anxiety relief. As a result, a person becomes calmer. Research also indicates that BZs reduce the activity of Serotonin which causes anxiety in the body. Hildago et al (2001) used a Meta-analysis approach to study the effectiveness of BZs in the reduction of anxiety, and they found out that BZs reduced stress more than any other anti-depressant.

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