Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction, reached number on

Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction, reached number one on the New York Times best seller’s list on two occasions in 2008. David Sheff offers a personal account of the struggles of his son, Nic, who became addicted to methamphetamines and had many treatment attempts. Notably, the novel provides a personal view of the impact of substance use disorders on the entire family system.
For your final paper, you are asked to write a critical analysis from the perspective of a social work/child advocacy student. A critical analysis provides a summary of the main concepts of the text while integrating facts and statistics to provide an additional understanding of the topic at hand. For this assignment, you will be using the story of the Sheff family to offer insight and education regarding substance use disorders and the impact on family systems.
Your paper should be approximately eight to 12 pages in length, double spaced, using Times New Roman Font (size 12). Please include formation below, which will also serve as the grading rubric for this paper.
Summary (1 – 2 pages): Provide a summary of the text, noting the overall theme and viewpoint presented. Please remember to be as creative as possible when describing the book. Although this is a paper for an academic course, write it as if you would be submitting this to a literary magazine. 20 points total
Analysis (3 – 5 pages): Provide an analysis of the information provided from the coursework this semester. This could include any of the main topics that were covered this semester. At minimum, provide an understanding of the progression of addiction and the impact on family systems. You may choose to include information on family roles, an understanding of addiction from one of the models discussed, or issues presented in families impacted by substance use disorders. Please include examples from the text as well as supporting literature. Select topics most prevalent in the book as well as topics that appear most salient to you. 20 points total
Family Case Study (3 – 5 pages):Select one or two characters and summarize the impact that the experience of substance use disorders has had on them. Please use examples from the novel and supporting academic sources. Consider the families experiences with professional and peer supports as well as information presented in Beyond Addiction by Jeffrey Foote, et. al. What do you see as assets in the family’s response/approach? With the information you have now because of this course, do you think there could have been improvements in the support offered to this family? What could have been done to improve their well-being? 20 points total
Reflection/Reaction (1 – 2 pages):Provide your overall personal reflection/reaction to the novel from a perspective of a social work/child advocacy student. Please consider the following questions: Did the book resonate with you? Why? Did it upset you? If so, why? Was it “missing” any information in helping families understand substance use disorders, treatment, and recovery? Would you recommend this to others? Why or why not? Conclude with a short summary. You do not have to integrate sources into this section but will not be penalized if you do. 20 points total
References – please include in text citations and Reference page, following APA guidelines. 20 points total

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