assignment. php libraries and frameworks

I need some assistance with these assignment. php libraries and frameworks Thank you in advance for the help! Frameworks are significant innovation in modern website design. Recently, great steps have been made towards using frameworks as the basis for development. Typically, the code frameworks are a collection already created functions and classes. There exists numerous development languages and practically every language has a framework of sorts. This has extended to front-end scripting languages such as CSS and Javascript. The server-side scripting languages have realised more advanced development in terms of framework. For instance, PHP has several frameworks. Codeigniter, Zend Framework etc. Traditionally, the software management process has been focussed on basic code writing and development of modules. This takes place in two steps. developing software to completion and checking for functionality in the end product. The shortcoming of is that the approach is the same and normal pitfalls are still realised (Beck 1999). It is important to consider the uniqueness, of each piece of software and the development process it follows. Frameworks help, designing software as artefacts and means to serve the user needs adequately. However, the process – individuals, tools, methodology- followed are the same. This aspect of software development shows that the process is likely to be repeated. There are advantages that come with use of frameworks such as quality control and following a mature development process.

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