I need some assistance with these assignment. peter pan and mary poppins affirming the role of the true woman Thank you in advance for the help! This essay demonstrates modern interpretations that hold the female roles of the early 20th century were powerless and meaningless, both of these books reveal flashes of tremendous strength in the form of the female figure, both within and without the traditional roles. Although the two books are similar in their portrayal of the traditional woman, there are some differences. Both Peter Pan and Mary Poppins convey the sense of the traditional female role as something both strong and weak, but Peter Pan remains strongly fixated on this role while Mary Poppins expands a bit beyond it to explore the emerging concept of the new woman.

The traditional female role is characterized by the tasks of housewife and motherhood.

Although both novels focus on the importance of the traditional feminine role in society, Travers emphasizes the new concept of the woman that was emerging in society at the time she wrote her stories, a stronger reflection of a trend Barrie illustrated in his book as well. The concept of the new woman was just beginning to be recognized in society at the beginning of the 1900s as the Western world became more industrialized and women began to understand their power.

However, both books also break these rules by depicting the image of the new woman that was emerging in this time period. This difference may also be explained by the different genders of the authors – the man writing from a male perspective could only write about the ideal while the woman, writing from a woman’s perspective, was able to see the possibilities.

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