assignment. business law: contracts

I need some assistance with these assignment. business law: contracts Thank you in advance for the help! First, both the offeror and the offeree have the contractual capacity to contract as noted from their age and the nature of the contract in this case. Susan Glass is an adult by law as outlined in the constitution, she is above 16 years old and such she is legally mandated to enter into contracts, sue and be sued in her own name. Considering the nature of the contracts, offering consultancy series and training is a valid contract as is within the legal jurisdictions f the land laws for such contracts to be enforceable by the courts of law in the country. Material facts before sighing of the contracts were carefully considered before the signing of the contract, assuming that either of the party has an interest in some form of considerations derived from discharging this contracts. This can further be attested by the contract that states that the client, Susan Glass was engaged and seeking to advance her career in the designated industry.&nbsp.

Second, the contract, in this case, is, lawful and legal. It is not stated any where in the agreement that training and offering consultancy services is unlawful by either the supreme law of the land, the statutes or any other enacted legal codes of the country. This implies that the contract is legal and it can be enforceable without any legal consequences. Further, the manager has no record of academic theft, infringement of property or intellectual property and this sets his reputation record right and clean. In addition, the contracts are for the lawful object and are meant to benefit the Susan Glass, the client of the Spock/Nogales management consultancy by increasing her earning power developed from the improved skills and knowledge in discharging acting her career work in the entertainment industry. The management, as the agreement code note, is entitled to all 15% of all the monies earned by the Susan Glass in the entertainment industry.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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