assignment. boiler manufacture sampling methods

I need some assistance with these assignment. boiler manufacture sampling methods Thank you in advance for the help! The steam of heated water is used to supply heat energy to other industrial processes, or for power generation. Designing boilers are based on several factors such as the fuel characteristics, output product, and application (Henry, 2009). The boiler characteristics are unique to its application and the configuration in size as well as configuration. The choice of materials used in the boiler manufacture process also follows the requirements of the product (Metcalf, 2008).

Prior to the construction of the boiler, the engineers have to design the system. The boiler has to adhere to the specifications of the client. thus, the design phase is necessary where the engineers confer with the client. The purpose, process demand, environment, the frequency of use, type of fuel, and other attributes of the boiler are addressed in the design phase (Bohle & Quinlan, 2000). Factoring the information, the boiler can then be developed by considering the available space, its fit into an industrial process and operation conditions.

Fabrication of the boiler is the most involving step since it encompasses reproducing the designed product. The activities in this category are mainly physical and include welding, shaping, chamfering, cutting, grinding, measuring, joinery (screws and bolts), electrical, and hydraulics (Unwin, 2008). The fabrication process relies heavily on the sourcing of components to the boiler. The systems that have to be incorporated in the boiler design include the feed water heating, de-aerating, pumping, economizing, superheating, and condensing systems (Reese, 2003). These systems often have to be controlled, and the use of monitors to regulate the entry or exit of elements into the boiler system is elemental to the process.

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The fabrication process leads to the boiler, which must be put through quality checks to ensure functionality.

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