assignment. analysis of group processes

I need some assistance with these assignment. analysis of group processes Thank you in advance for the help! Group Overview This group has been formed for the purposes of attaining a particular objective. The primary directive of the group is to provide Death Star Hospital (DSH) with clear directions on how to achieve a better healthcare service delivery in Death Star Hospital. The group is made up of seven people, all from different hospital departments. Each member has their own responsibilities, and in working together the group is able to meet its targets and obligations (Hogg and Tindale, 2001). The group is tasked with formulating a way through which DSH will increase efficiency in all its departments to ensure a better quality service is delivered to patients. Members of the Group 1. Yoda: Team Manager Yoda is the most learnt member of the group. he is a hospital administrator. His creativity, positive thinking, passion and dedication make him the right man to be at the helm of the group. He easily interacts with people and has a witty sense of humour. We nicknamed him Yoda because of how he is able to perceive what one wants to say when having difficulty in explaining oneself. Despite being a highly ranked member of the hospital management, he prefers working in the ‘trenches’ with the rest of staff, as he loves his work. 2. Leila: HR Manager When she arrived in Death Star Hospital three years ago, the human resource department was on the verge of being scrapped from the company due to its unproductiveness. Leila single-handedly brought the department back to life, and it is one of the most efficient and productive departments within the hospital. No challenge is too big for this young lady. she is extremely proactive when it comes to finding solutions in case any problem arises. However, her strict attitudes make her come across as aggressive in situations that involve confrontation, and she can be extremely intimidating. 3. C-3PO: Health Science Librarian C-3PO is the Health Science Librarian at DSH and she is held in high regard among her peers in the industry. C-3PO believes in self-drive and is not patient with people who delay her progress. She has excellent people skills. 4. Luke: Chief Resident His high level of expertise makes him a highly experienced doctor within DSH. He is a conservative person and does not talk much during work hours. He does not take personal or professional attacks lightly, and he tends to be very defensive if his department comes under fire. He has gotten himself into trouble with the hospital administrator for putting the needs of his department in front of the hospital’s needs. 5. Darth Vader: Financial Manager His impeccable cost cutting mechanisms are unmatched within the hospital. Darth Vader had climbed the corporate ladder to the manager position within the first four years of joining Death Star Hospital. Sometimes he gets too personal when hospital departments abuse their budget allocations. He is a good team player and a good listener when people give him suggestions and ideas. 6. Landor: System Analyst Landor has been with DSH for around six years now. he is currently the head of the hospital’s IT department. He was instrumental when DSH was switching from a manual system to a computerised one three years ago. He is a good communicator and is able to determine user requirements without fail, and he delivers each and every time even when given short deadlines. 7. R2-D2: Chief Nurse R2-D2 is the head of the nursing department of DSH.

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