Assignment #1 This assignment is structured as an informational brochure/pamphl

Assignment #1
This assignment is structured as an informational brochure/pamphlet, but you may also structure it as a flyer or newsletter.  You can complete this using Microsoft Word or google docs by turning your file to “landscape” and making three columns, if this were a face-to-face class you would print and fold it into a brochure.
Your brochure should include:
Your brochure name and your name.
Your philosophy on nutrition and health.
Five ideas to increase fruit and vegetable intake.
(e.x., 3-year-olds should have at least 1 ½ cups fruit and vegetables per day. How can we get children to this level?)
At least one healthy meal recipe, whether it’s the main dish or a side dish.
At least two ideas, games, and/or activities to get children to be more physically active.
Consider the aesthetic appeal of your brochure.  be sure to keep your information clear and organized.
Submit a 1 page brochure that is organized as a trifold, bifold, or single sheet style (so if this were a professional brochure you were handing out, it would be on a double-sided piece of paper).  Your brochure must be type-written, but you can choose the font, color, and size (it should be appropriate for the amount of information you include).  You do not need a cover page for this assignment
Assignment #2 give a short answer to my quiz questions. ( they are in files)

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