As far as the Abstract at the beginning is concerned, it should contain the foll

As far as the Abstract at the beginning is concerned, it should
contain the following 3 statements:
1. nature of issue or question you’re addressing
2. your “conclusion” as an answer to the issue
3. your reasons, that is, “premises” for your conclusion
Given that the above conclusion and the premises should
constitute a full-blown “argument,” you may certainly try to
lay it out in a linear or hierarchical “Reconstruction” (and
even “Evaluation”) Ethical Reasoning & Argumentation.
This is the agrument
I will be arguing that Distributive Justice is a must for society and how it benefits the overall good of society. For example topics in public programs public housing, housing assistance. It’s important for the elderly to keep receiving medical care and assistance since sometimes Social security isn’t enough for certain people who fall under a different bracket in terms of past income.
I will also talk about how government intervention is important in certain circumstances. I will also try to debate against the opposing side, opposing side likes to debate that there shouldn’t be government intervention
use these sources or use others to

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