articles of confederation and the constitution.

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&nbsp.The government had power to make war and diplomatic deals. The Northern ordinance was manifest of the power granted to the government. The government also had the power to impose taxes upon various agencies within its jurisdiction. Initially, Congress had no power to implement the provision of the articles (Ginsbery, Lowi, Weir, Tolbert, and Spitzer 25). The state had no power of imposing taxes on businesses and other agencies. The articles also gave the national government the power to control commerce. This aimed to eliminate wars fought because of a scramble for regulation of commerce within the nation. The powers conferred to the government especially the power of making war led to the incurring of many debts. In fact, some veterans of Pennsylvania petitioned the government o pay their dues. The government administration centre was compelled to cover the unpaid dues or vacate from the territory. According to Ginsbery, the national government was conferred some powers by the articles including the power to administrate foreign relations (23). In this regard, the government had the owner to establish treaties with foreign powers. The power accorded the government the ability to make alliances with other nations for a common good. The articles of Confederation also provided the government with the ability to make peace through any means possible. Additionally, the national government has conferred the power to maintain an army and navy for security purpose. The Coining function was created for the government. This implies that the government could institute various aspect of business development. The power granted to the government on the postal services also aimed to enhance the information communication systems within a government. The management of Indian affirms was also a federal government role. The government could create admiralty courts to adjudicate justice (Ginsbery et al 77). The courts served to ensure that all appeals from junior courts were heard and satisfactorily determined.&nbsp.

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