article Shaping of Psychology.

The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. It will tackle many of the noteworthy discoveries pertaining to social issues of the period and the solutions to everyday problems. This paper will also highlight the significant events that warranted and helped stimulate interest in the concerns of the times. These concerns include: education, child rearing, mental health, health and the shift of perceptions of each. The intellectual world in the Middle Ages was primarily sustained by the Church and the Medieval philosophy was infiltrated with the ideas of Christianity (MacDonald &amp. Kretzmann, 1998). But Aurelius Augustine, a philosopher and theologian, had much to say about the education of children. He recognized that punishment does little in helping a child to learn. As Viney and King (2003) revealed, Augustine went so far as to say that threats do more harm and actually interfere with the learning process. The philosopher also shared his thoughts on addiction. He concluded that the use of criticism and reproach aids in addiction to alcohol. Benjamin Rush, a founding father of the United States, pioneered the approach to treating alcoholism as a disease, shifting the belief that it was sinful and that people chose to be addicted (Viney &amp. King, 2003). Another major event was the deadly arrival of the bubonic plague known as the “Black Death,” that devastated Europe and killed millions.

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