The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The current developments an advancements in technology have greatly shaped the forms of communications used in education today. Unlike the traditional systems where the instructors had to be physically present in a class room in order to facilitate a lesson, the paradigm shift to the use of digital media have made this element redundant. The application and implementation of digital media in the learning process has offered a wide range of methods by which instructors and students can relay information (Mateer, 2013). For example, the internet and features such as teleconferencing can enable teachers to interact with their students at without necessarily meeting at a central place. This feature allows for all features of a normal classroom situation such as active student participation and the ability to ask immediate questions where a student may need further clarification. It only eliminates the aspect of physical presence. In addition, the technological improvements of digital media have also enhanced the speed at which information is passed on from the participants in any learning activity at an institution. This aspect subsequently improves the speed at which students learn and also the depth of knowledge covered. Digital media has also been proven to aid in the forms of communications used by the facilitators during their lessons in the classroom. Audio-visual communication is a key feature that has been brought about by digital media. Learning in the classroom has evolved from the chalk to board communication to audio-visual forms such as videos and computer slides (Belinha, 2010).

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