arketing planning of kitchen made pies company.

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic marketing planning of kitchen made pies company. Mission: the mission of Kitchen Made Pies is to produce and market high-quality fresh and frozen pies to institutional customers and restaurants. The original mission had made it clear that it was in the relatively unexploited sector that Kitchen Made Pies saw its clearest opportunity for innovation. Kitchen Made Pies set out to create a range of high-quality products that were distinctive in type and especially appealing to people who had acquired a taste for pies. A wholesome, appetizing and, at the same time, slightly exotic taste experience is what Kitchen Made Pies wanted to offer (Chrisman et al 2003).

Goals: the main goal of the company is to get and keep a customer. Also, Kitchen Made Pies is aimed to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable competitive creating value for their customers, select markets where they can excel and present a moving target to their competitors by continually improving their position. Three of the most important factors are innovation, quality and inventory reduction. In order to improve logistics, the company is aimed to concentrate on doing business with drop-shippers which allow involving larger orders. A continuum of resource sustainability is to compose resources and capabilities characterized by their durability and imitability. The financial goal is to increase sales and liquidity of business (Chrisman et al 2003. Paley, 2006).

Marketing Policies

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Marketing policies Be in one of the most highly rated industries for stability and success, Kitchen Made Pies offers high-quality pies to everyone who wants an excellent taste. It is an advantage is that Kitchen Made Pies can meet the requirement of wide audience marketing fresh and frozen pies. The high-quality ingredients are the main criterion for Kitchen Made Pies. It does not want to reduce the costs of production as it can worsen the quality of their products. Recent years, sales of the company have failed (Paley, 2006). According to the present day situation: “the current product mix, sales of approximately $35,000 per week which is $1,829,000 per year” (Chrisman et al 2003, p. 45). PR personnel also play a key role in responding to unflattering media reports or controversies that arise because of company activities in different parts of the country. The basic tools of public relations include news releases, newsletters, media kits, press conferences, tours of plants and other company facilities.

Financial Policies

Financial policies Financial situation of the company suggests that it needs additional costs to cover all the expenses. According to Financial data, the net profit sales is “- 10,91%”, total assets is ” – 44,9%” and equity is “- 65,4%” (Chrisman et al 2003, p. 45). In general, these are very low figures for the company like Kitchen Made Pies. The other problem is that the banknote is due, and Kitchen Made Pies has to pay it. Refinancing the loan is the major concern of the company. Another negative situation is low liquidity which can have a great impact on the future financial situation of Kitchen Made Pies. Also, the major problem is Dean Distributing which has a poor payment record. High production costs are the concern of the company.

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