analysis while answering the following question: Natural Gas Drilling, Cause and Effect.

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Natural Gas Drilling, Cause and Effect. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. However, the over-exploitation of fossil fuels for our energy needs destroyed the environment and we are in a spot of bother at present. whether to continue the exploitation of fossil fuel or not.

“In contrast with oil hydrocarbons, which have been an object of wide and detailed ecotoxicological studies worldwide, natural gas and its components have been left outside the sphere of environmental analysis, control, and regulation” (Patin). However, natural gas and its combustion can cause major problems to the environment the same way as the oil hydrocarbons. Natural gas and crude oil are closely related as both substances formed in the earth from organic matters. Oil deposits always contain natural gas even though natural gases can be found independently also. This paper briefly analyses the cause and effect of natural gas drilling.

Methane, one of the major components of natural gas is causing severe problems for the environment. The large number of hydrocarbon gases like methane, ethane, pentane etc are liberated to the atmosphere during the production and purification of oil, gas, and coal, at the time of transportation, at the time of the burning of fossil fuels etc. These hydrocarbons can contribute heavily to the atmospheric temperature rise and the subsequent climate change problems. The hydrocarbon gases have the ability to block the heat waves produced on the earth’s atmosphere due to solar heat. Under normal circumstances, the heat waves produced by the solar heat would escape from the atmosphere because of expansion. However, increased volume of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere may prevent these heat radiations from escaping our atmosphere and hence the global warming problems could be worsened.

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