analysis while answering the following question: Earth Hour.

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Earth Hour. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This is a major event that requires a lot of planning. This is a project. It is a sequence of unique but connected activities, the aim of which s to accomplish a goal within a specific time period, within the budget and in accordance with specification (Wysocki, 2009, p. 2). It is a temporary undertaking (Schwalbe, 2009, p. 39). Like any project it is a cycle planning, which includes initiation, planning, execution and closure. Project Review The project involves a day long session consisting of two presentations, entertainment, tea and lunch. The event requires the use of volunteers which will be recruited by sending letters to organisations that are normally supportive of and by posting flyers at libraries, transportation centers and other public places. It also involves researching themes, venues, and entertainment that embrace environmental protection. Motivation for Project The world needs us and so we need to stop destroying it by playing our part in the preservation of the environment. The alarming rates of extinction of animals, deteriorating forests, and increased pollutants in the air are all the outcome of pollution. This menace arose at the cost of our luxuries. Excessive burning of fossil fuels has resulted in the increased emissions of green house gases and has also resulted in the augmentation of different diseases. Serious steps need to be taken now or otherwise it may be too late. Reducing our luxuries is one of the most important things. The burden placed on our natural resources has also resulted in an imbalance which has in turn resulted in drastic changes in the environment. The concept of Earth Hour came out of an initiative which started off in Sydney in 2004 and then celebrated for the first time in 2007 (UNEP, 2009). It was being run by the name of “The Big Flick”. Then this concept started spreading and this year 147 countries participated in saving energy on 31 March for one hour. Since it is quite a good effort the number of countries that have participated have been increasing over time and so is the duration of Earth Hour. Furthermore, this campaign has gone beyond just connecting people and bringing them together in one place. There is now a good motive behind it as people tend to want to have good reasons for doing and supporting something. They expect that it will result in good outcomes. This is usually the only way that it can lead to a positive response. Events need to be properly conceptualized so that people might be aware of the reasons as well as the circumstances they will face if they do not support it. We are now in the process of arranging an event the purpose in very simple words is preserving our planet. Our purpose here is to motivate people towards saving the environment and contributing to its preservation. Earth Hour has resulted in the saving of energy by shutting off lights for a short while and we want to broaden the perspective. The event is being held in Brisbane capital of Queensland, the third populous county within Australia. The basic motive of our event will be making people aware of the possible hazards, the alarming increase in the population, and our usage of fossil fuels. We will try our best through the workshops and activities to create the realization in people that they should play their part in controlling the use of energy.

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