analysis while answering the following question: Approach in Treatment of People of Different Races

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Approach in Treatment of People of Different Races. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Although our community strives to provide diversity for all individuals in many ways Cascade Maryland lacks opportunities for ethnically diverse individuals.

In my profession, I often assist in providing treatment to individuals composed of different races. Like many other individuals in our community, I was born in America. My ancestors immigrated to America from Germany in 1785. According to Washington County Maryland (n.d.), our town was “a city founded by German immigrants in 1762” (pp. 2). Our community does not have a large foreign-born population. Encountering individuals with accents is a rarity. From 1995-2000 the foreign-born population was 0 (City-Data, n.d.).

Community work manuals and texts are relevant to me as an individual. I believe these readings are meant to address people like me. I would imagine the minorities living in this community may struggle with understanding these work manuals. as they are not designed for them based on their cultural make-up. Approximately 95% of individuals living in this community speak only English and no other languages at home (City Data, n.d.). The remaining five per cent that utilizes different langue at home are compiled by languages such as Spanish (.3%), European (1.9%), or Asian (2.8%). Perhaps the lack of cultural diversity can be attributed partially to the history of our state. Our state is home to many historical battle sites and monuments. Maryland is one of the thirteen original colonies formed was affected by westbound expansion during the 1800’s leading many immigrants to settle in other states. Due to the geographical location of our state finding immigrants is not a common occurrence.

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In the past, I have encountered scepticism from minorities I have treated in my profession. I remember during the O.J. Simpson murder trial talking to an African American woman about the trial. With the evidence present by the media, we both agreed that we felt that he was guilty of the crime.&nbsp.

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