Analysis on negative results of traditional gender socialization roles

I need some assistance with these assignment. negative results of traditional gender socialization roles Thank you in advance for the help! The gender role entails the set behavior, attitude, and personality and culture expected and encouraged in society for each sex. Consequently, Root and Denham (2010), in their publication, ‘The Role of Gender in the &nbsp.Socialization of Emotion’ they define gender role in socialization as an omnipresent entity of children and adolescent development (Root & Denham, 2010). The authors, holding a vast understanding of psychology in this article explore the thesis of the effect of gender and gender roles in the processes of emotional socialization. The authors focus on core aspects including the role of parents and societal formulations of gender-typed emotions with respect to the social-emotional alignment of the children and adolescents in their development.

The article Root and Denham (2010), present in their endowed capacity in knowledge, focus on the impact resulting from the effect of gender on the processes of emotional socialization. The authors note several key concepts and themes entailed in the topic, such as the pivotal influence of emotions in the development of children and adolescents. The emotional concept factors the child’s development in social functioning, academic performance, and psychopathology. Thus, noting the primary significance of emotions in the vast composition of developmental progress, the researchers, Root and Denham (2010), focus accordingly on evaluating the role of gender in emotional development over the past 20 years. The authors define that emotions, despite being biological, their meaning and appropriateness of expression is as a result of socialization. Further, the authors also identify that in the early years of life, socialization is a primary activity entailed in the confines of the interactions at the family level, thus characteristics of parents and related members affect the emotional socializing of the children and adolescents (Nilsen & Wærdahl, 2015). In this setting, gender is a critical moderator of emotional socialization through what the culture displays as appropriate for males and females.

The authors note that emotional regulation entails the intrinsic and extrinsic processes that relate to monitoring,&nbsp.evaluating and modifying the emotional reactions of the children.

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