an outline on Prostitution and Related offenses

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Prostitution and Related offenses. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Prostitution and related offences Prostitution and related offences Topic explanation Prostitution is one of the oldestvices in our society. In perspective, the term is often used to refer to the engagement or practice of having sex in both a promiscuous and commercial way. Many law frameworks provide various definitions that describe this term, though the real meaning lies in the act itself, which is punishable by most authorities depending on the legislations that are abound. In addition, the law recognizes other forms of related cases of prostitution like sex tourism and brothels, which are just modifications of the original act. Currently, it is estimated that the prostitution business generates close to $100 billion each year, reflecting the extent of moral decay in our society today. Moreover, most governments have tried to fight this vice due to their effects on the society, like the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections that are a social cost to the society (O’Malley, 1996, p. 76). This study seeks to broaden the perspective of knowledge in prostitution and the uncovered facts that have not been addressed in relation to the emerging issues that affect engagement of minors in prostitution business, which amplifies the extent of moral decay in the society. Prostitution is a vice to any community, and engaging in this vice degrades the status of the society. There has been a need therefore to generate more knowledge into this topic to seal the information loopholes that hinder effective legislative action against prostitution. In addition, there has been great need to identify the possible propagating factors of prostitution in our society. In this light, there is a great need for policies and programs that may be used to fight prostitution in our society. Problem analysis and objectives Prostitution is generally taken as a form of sexual abuse and a crime in many countries around the world. The real problem of prostitution rests on the instigating factors that continue to promote prostitution in the current age. Many researchers have delved into this critical topic but it seems much still needs to be done in order to eliminate this social stain. Research has proven that the vice has continued to grow in our society, incorporating minors who end up exploited or even killed in the process of prostitution. Further, the problem seems far much deeper than what meets the eye or what is broadcasted in our media. Prominent psychologists have greatly provided information as to possible links between prostitution and psychological factors as well as many societal issues that seem to propagate the vice in the society (Sturgess, 2005, p. 22). Moreover, prostitution poses a greater problem in the perspective that it lowers the dignity of women in the society, and to great extents, it becomes physically and psychologically harmful to them in the long term. In addition, prostitution related offences broaden the vice’s perspective to incorporate other forms of prostitution, that may qualify as promiscuity or commercial sex abuse. Largely, prostitution related vices have been blamed for the high spread of HIV/AIDS whose economic and social impacts to the society are quite dire and expensive to bear. This research is aimed at broadening the bank of knowledge into prostitution. Further, the study will critically analyze the contributing factors of prostitution as well as come up with the socio-economic effects of prostitution to the society. Finally, the study will propose possible and practical solutions to the prostitution problem, which will open the path to a prostitution free society. This will provide a framework for dealing with prostitution as well as create a basis for future studies, projects and research in this area. Methodology of the research The study method of the study will be spearheaded by several research questions: to what extent has prostitution propagated itself in the society? What are the factors that propagate prostitution in the society? In addition, what are the likely solutions or recommendations to counter the vice? The research involves a sociological analysis into the problem of prostitution, majorly dealing with ex-prostitutes and practicing ones, to implore the driving factors into prostitution. Tools required The study involves analyzing existing court files and court submissions of prostitutes who have been charged in law. The analysis further involves the formulation of questionnaires that are issued and completed based on the court files and available documentary evidence. The research will be undertaken with prior permission from the district and the law courts to obtain the necessary documentary evidence from the court. Further, the research will be based on selected courts that have been identified and singled as having determined the most prostitution related cases. This study will be limited to ten particular cases and commercial sex workers’ submissions before the court of law to determine the extents and the truth of the problem. Further, the research will make use of various scholarly articles, journals, theses and projects that have been undertaken in the field to determine the most feasible recommendations that could fight prostitution. References Canada (1999). Prostitution. Ottawa: Library of Parliament, Research Branch. Sturgess,&nbsp.D.&nbsp.G. (2005). An inquiry into sexual offences involving children and related matters. Brisbane: Queensland Govt. Print. O’Malley,&nbsp.T. (1996). Sexual offences: Law, policy, and punishment. Dublin: Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell.

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