An Analysis of The Bear by Anton Chekhov. By definition, a farce is a play with a series of ridiculous situations.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: An Analysis of The Bear by Anton Chekhov. By definition, a farce is a play with a series of ridiculous situations. Anton Chekhov’s play is in totality a farce since it features the same definition. Throughout the play, there are absurd situations that leave the reader laughing. In the beginning, we can notice, Luka advising Luka to stop mourning and go out to see the neighbors. However, the words he uses to explain the situation are totally absurd and witty. Luka uses examples of cats, spiders, and midges. The absurdity in the play is present in many other different situations across the play. In another instance when Luka refuses to lend Luka the money, he says, “I have not the pleasure of being your husband or your finance, so please don’t make scenes” (Schmidt & Chekhov 208). Clearly, there is an artistic choice of words that have deep paradoxical meaning. On a different twist, Luka accepts a duel with Smirnov. However, she still seeks training on how to fire from Smirnov, the enemy. This is among the many situations with absurdity and sarcasm. Interestingly, Anton engages all this in a way that brings laughter to a reader. The comical antiques of the characters do not seem to end even when the play is ending. From all this, it is appropriate to conclude that, in all characteristics, the play is a farce. The writer employs comedy in absurdity through paradoxical remarks among the characters.

In the play, it is clear that humor is one of the conspicuous themes. In almost every situation, the writer engages a little bit of humor. This makes the play very interesting. Humor is a recurrent theme in the whole play. Humor is evident in the conversations between the characters and even their actions. The kind of statements each character makes must have a little bit of comedy. As a farce,&nbsp.the play captures comedy and absurdity in totality through humor. For instance, there so much humor in the conversation between Popov, the widow, and Smirnov. They apparently seem to get in the way of each other. Interestingly they decide to settle their scores through a duel.&nbsp.

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