American History Essay.

American History Essay. American History Essay. Essay Needed AmericanRevolutionEssayRequirements.docx OriginsandProgressofAmericanRevolution.docx ThomasPaineCommonSense.docx LetterfromaFarmer.docx CharlesIngles.docx PS.StampActRiot17652.docx AMERICAN REVOLUTION ESSAY REQUIREMENTS     Question: 1. What was the primary cause of the American Revolution? Requirements This is not a research essay; this section includes all the resources needed to answer the question. 1. The essays should be approximately five pages in length with 1-inch margins and 12 point font. 2. Late drafts are penalized 10 percent per day.   3. You need to include in-text citations in your essay. These do not have to be full citations but need to clearly indicate where you obtained your information.   You may use MLA or

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