aircraft structural design: ageing aircraft program

I need some assistance with these assignment. aircraft structural design: ageing aircraft program Thank you in advance for the help! For a commercial airplane, it can become obsolete whenever its capability no longer competes with the potential of adversaries (Wang, 2011). As often is the case, the time upon which an aircraft reaches an aging state is quite difficult to determine. It is essential to have a distinction between the properties of the structure of an aging aircraft and a young aircraft. In this regard, a young aircraft is one that keeps being airworthy with the available programs meant for maintenance often prescribed during the time of manufacturing (Hempe, 2008). Aging aircraft might be characterized as that which the effects of cracking and corrosion from fatigue need modifying the maintenance programs for purposes of making sure they retain adequate structural integrity. In this context, the term adequate implies the number of expected failures becomes less than whatever is often given a given fleet of aircraft. As the aircraft gets to accumulate the calendar time, as well as flight time, corrosion effects, cracking due to fatigue, and accident damage makes it undergo repair. Cracking due to fatigue may also be widespread to the extent that it leads to degradation of the integrity of the entire aircraft structure (Gordon, 1991). With this occurring, the aircraft reaches a point where it is said to be in a state of widespread fatigue damage (WFD) (Vermeeren, 2012). At this point, it has to undergo some modifications in order to have the problem solved. Additionally, as an aircraft increases accumulating the flight time it can exceed the design time it was meant for. At this point in time, maintenance programs would require modification in order to include other structural inspections. In cases where initial maintenance programs need modification from events aforementioned above then an aircraft might be considered as being in a state of aging. Aging aircraft has continued being in operation despite many odds (Smallman and Bishop. 2009).

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