Advertisement has a Negative Influence on People and the Society.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Advertisement has a Negative Influence on People and the Society. Some of these strategies that are being applied by the companies have a negative influence on the people.

Advertising is a method used by the firms to inform the customers of the existence of the product in the market or persuade the existing customers to continue purchasing the product. However, some of these adverts exaggerate the ability of the products or services to meet the tastes and preferences of the customers. For instance, some of the cosmetics adverts mislead the users that the products have the ability to make them look like some of the celebrities being used in the advertisement. However, this is not the case. The use of renowned persons is only meant to attract the interests of their fans towards their products (Parsons and Pauline 131). Therefore, people are influenced to think that celebrities are better people than the rest of the people in society. This makes some young people shun their ideas and behaviors in order to look like their role models.

Advertisements have a negative influence on the young generation by depicting celebrity music or movie stars using tobacco products, alcohol, and junk foods. These are strategies that are being used by the companies to attract the interests of this generation which forms the largest market segment. However, these ads end up influencing the young people towards drug abuse (Parsons and Pauline 131). Many of them end up engaging in criminal activities in order to sustain their behaviors. Moreover, the ads on junk foods have led to an increase in the number of people suffering from obesity. This is because these advertisements have influenced people to change their consumption behavior and turn towards fast foods.

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Advertisements have changed the way people interact in society. Many of the adverts use half-nude pictures in order to attract viewers. This has made many people change their dressing modes and expose their bodies in order to look like models who are used in these ads. However, this aspect has increased the number of rape cases in society. Furthermore, other adverts use sexual images to attract people.

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