Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Electricity System In New Zealand.

Need help with my writing homework on Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Electricity System In New Zealand. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Solar radiation is considered a source of sufficient energy that is not a pollutant, free of charge, and renewable. In New Zealand, there is ample radiation in numerous locations. The level of radiation in areas like Invercargill is similar to that of Germany. There are twenty to thirty times of exposure to solar energy for numerous New Zealand homes. Therefore, this home uses energy from the sun instead of electricity or gas. However, the energy is not yet established as a main source of energy in the areas.

There are about 2000 hours of bright sunshine in New Zealand per year on average. The country has about 4kWh/m2 per day in the form of energy that is acquired from the sun. Therefore, the homes in New Zealand with 3kW Photovoltaic panels receive ample power that can satisfy them for over a quarter year in terms of their residential electricity needs. Solar energy is used for various purposes in New Zealand (EECA, 2012).

The solar energy is used to warm water through various designs in buildings that capture and store the heat energy. Solar energy is also used to generate electricity with Photovoltaic panels that act as the semiconductors for the generation of electricity. Other concentrators of solar power technologies use mirrors for the focusing of thermal energy. There are turbines that can also be used by being turned by super-heated steam in order to generate electricity.

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According to EECA (2012), numerous New Zealand homeowners have managed to install the heating systems making the number up to 3400 solar heating systems that are said to be installed per year. However, the number is also said to be growing at a rate of 40% annually. There various solar heating programs in New Zealand focusing on the increase of the consumption of solar water heating systems for homes, businesses, and public facilities.

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