Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy. Having a look at the whole process, which starts with a nuclear plant producing certain energy to be identified next. In the nuclear energy-based facility, heat results from atom-splitting through fission. The heat produced is utilized to produce steam which then turns a turbine actually connected to a generator. The generator thereafter produces electricity or electric energy.

Note that the nuclear reactors are enriched abundantly and naturally occurring radioactive uranium elements. In addition, as this element undergoes radioactivity or simply decay, it can as well produce heat inside the reactor. The uranium element consists of fuel pellets in the inside which are released in the form of energy either through kinetic energy or to some extend through radiation. This actually is the resulting heat energy produced in the reactors, which is then used to produce steam and finally electricity. (ENEC, 2011) Retrieved from:

Since the discovery of nuclear as a source of energy, the following nations have actually utilized the opportunity and today they widely apply the use of nuclear energy to produce electricity. They include. United States, Russia, France, South Korea, China, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, India, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland, and Japan. The adoption of nuclear energy by the mentioned countries proves both desirable and undesirable in the sense that despite the advantages associated with it such as being a cheap, carbon-free, and effective form of energy, it also comes with disadvantages and disasters to the environment and safety threats if not well managed. (Jacobs, 2014)

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The use of nuclear energy has to begin with lower carbon dioxide gas emissions to the atmosphere during electricity generation as compared to other sources of energy.

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