Acoustical Characterization of Porous Materials for Automotive Application.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Acoustical Characterization of Porous Materials for Automotive Application. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The porous materials in question include. artificial and natural fiber, porous material, and polymer foams. There exists diversity when it comes to porous materials either artificial or natural. Sintered, steel wool, perforated materials, and fiber metal are among the porous materials that have been increasingly used in automotive noise control. Following the diversity and variety of porous material characteristics, the study of porous media has proved to be wide and interesting.

The paper introduces both the theoretical, empirical, and numerical modeling and demonstrates how the models are used to determine the acoustic characteristics of porous materials. The analytical models indicate that the solid constituents of porous material are rigid and the fluid constituents are similar to that of a homogenous isotropic fluid that has been modified. The review also considers the acoustical characterization of porous materials and goes further to look at the porous materials modeling while having particular interests in porous materials that are elastic. The fundamental characteristics of porous materials are then illustrated using computational and experimental examples

In automotive, absorptive materials have various applications in different locations. Absorber pads can serve effectively in several locations such as in the door panel, pillar trim, headliner, and bellow the carpet. Porous materials like fibers and foams are normally used in such applications. Their acoustic characteristics enable them to serve as absorbers. It is the viscous losses that result in the conversion of energy to heat while sound waves navigate through the fibers or pores that are interconnected in the material. A porous material that is bonded with a barrier that is non-porous conducts the sound energy in waves that are in form of structure-borne. The characteristics which have a desirable influence on this waveform are structural loss and bulk stiffness (Allard, 1993,p. 56).

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