about mike pence, indiana project. In what ways is he or she atypical (atypical is the opposite of typical)?

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on about mike pence, indiana project. In what ways is he or she atypical (atypical is the opposite of typical)?&nbsp. Base your judgment on the profile of the typical member of Congress found in American and Texas Government, p. 249. (10 pts.)

Mike Pence was born June 7, 1959 in Columbus and was one of six children. He graduated from Hanover College in 1981 and continued his education at the Indiana University of Law, graduating in 1986. In his early career he was a practicing attorney. Mike Pence was born in Columbus, Indiana, graduated from Hanover College in 1981 and earned his J.D. from Indiana University School of Law in 1986. Congressman Pence is married to his wife, Karen, and they have three children. In 1992, he began a career as a radio broadcaster and in 1994 became the voice of “The Mike Pence Show” for Network Indiana, which was heard throughout the state. The show was heard Monday through Friday, appearing on 18 stations. From 1995 to 1999 he hosed a Sunday morning television program with a political theme. A conservative republican, Mike Pence proclaims to be a Christian and attends The Community Church of Greenwood in Greenwood, Indiana (Mike Pence: Wikipedia). Many politicians begin their careers in the legal field. As an example, President Obama has an education as an attorney and has had a career as such. While not completely unheard of, however, the aspect of his career as a radio personality and television host might be considered as atypical.

3.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Write a paragraph describing the Representatives political background. Identify the elected and appointed positions in government the Representative held (if any) before winning election to Congress.&nbsp. When was the Representative first elected to Congress? Is the Representative a career politician? What is the basis for your judgment? (10 pts.)

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Mike Pence was named as the president of a conservative think tank in 1991 called the Indiana Policy Review Foundation.

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