Students’ opinions

Assume you are doing exploratory research to find out students’ opinions about the purchase of a new mobile device, such as any smartphone, Apple iPhone (latest) or an Apple Watch. What information would you need to collect? What types of questions would you use? Suggest six to eight questions you would ask and indicate in […]

Geezers like me

Over the next two decades, 78 million Americans will grow old. That’s the largest number ever in the US.At present, there are around 16,000 nursing homes with 1.7 million beds and about a 15 percent vacancy rate., unless the nation undertook a massive building program, there will be many, many more old people than […]

Wireless communication

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (interconnected devices, primarily using wifi as the means of communication) means that most individuals will be using a wifi network or be exposed to wifi networks on a daily basis. Reflect on the following: What risks and safeguards are associated with wireless communication? Are you comfortable (or would […]

Project: Final Project: Culture, Advocacy, and Sexual Practices

For this assignment, you design a 1-hour psychoeducation training on a topic of your choosing related to sexuality. You may choose to develop a presentation on any topic related to human sexuality but must include a discussion of cultural diversity and advocacy as related to that topic. The project must include both PowerPoint slides and […]

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