2 page time management – scheduling important, non-urgent tasks we


2 page Time management – Scheduling Important, Non-urgent Tasks 

We can use a two-by-two matrix to classify our use of time. The two columns represent “urgent” tasks and “non-urgent” tasks. The two rows represent “important” and “not important” tasks. Each use of our time falls into one of the four cells of this matrix. Accomplishing a long run goal associated with any of our major roles (family, worker, friend or contributor to the community) usually requires spending a considerable amount of time in the quadrant representing “important” but “non-urgent” activities. These activities often get squeezed out by “less important” but “more urgent” tasks. When insufficient time is spent on important, but longer-run non-urgent activities, you can expect results such as stress, burnout, crisis management, short-term focus, and nonattainment of important goals.

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Think about the how you give attention and time to the major roles in your life: (family, work, and friends or community, health, school) identify an important activity that has been neglected because it is non-urgent. Create a four-square matrix as described above and place each role in the appropriate square based on how you are currently allocating time to the role. Do the placement of the role in the appropriate matrix square match up with what you SAY you VALUE? Why or why not?

Turn in the completed matrix with the explanation of how it reflects what you SAY you VALUE? What changes in how you allocate you time will you implement based on the information you gleaned from HOW you are currently prioritizing your time

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