Strategy Analysis

Strategy Analysis:  This is a two-part project regarding a company of the student’s choosing (within provided guidelines).  The course project is an interdisciplinary “capstone project” involving an analysis of a chosen industry and an organization within that industry.

  1. Environmental/Industry Analysis  – 20 points (due session 5)

Each student will conduct an assessment of the external factors influencing the industry that their company is a part of.  (See sample outline, sections 1 – 3.

  • Company Analysis Project – 25 points (due session 10; see sample outline Sections 4 – 6).
    • Organizational Vision, Mission, and/or Values (include Goals and Objectives)
    • Internal Analysis: Resources & Capabilities
    • Strategy assessment
    • Recommendations for achieving or modifying current strategy.

To make your report stronger and credible, apply strategic planning and analysis models you have studied and researched; be sure to use external sources when appropriate and cite within the paper.  See the Resource Guide in the syllabus for industry research tips. 

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The capstone project is a true research project and as such you are the content expert. That said the following elements must be included

1. Introduction. Perhaps say in a paragraph or two why you choose this industry/company.

2. Description of the industry-Major Players

3 General environments

4. Porters five forces model-industry analysis

5 Company Background

6 SWOT analysis

7 Business Level Strategy, Resources and capabilities

8 Core competencies

9 Value Chain

10 International Strategy

11Financial Analysis- Compare with peer group and other competitors. Note key financial trends

12 Corporate Governance- Board Power, Executive Leadership

13Conclusions, Recommendations

14 Cover anything else that you think is important to your firm/industry

This is your report. We require full APA format including an Executive summary, Table of contents etc.

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